(Clearwater, FL)—Blue Works Company, a premier pipelining and plumbing repair company serving the government, business owners, and residents of Clearwater, Florida and the surrounding areas, has recently announced at that they’ve garnered $25 million of combined contract experience over the last six years they’ve been in business. Blue Works is celebrating their rapid expansion as they continue to serve the commercial, industrial, government, and residential markets in their local jurisdiction.

Jeremy Schultz, a spokesperson for Blue Works Company, stated “Everyone on the team here at Blue Works is extremely proud to be celebrating this $25 million milestone for our company. We approach every single project we take on with the same dedication, and we all work toward the same goal – to go above and beyond for our clients and provide them with the plumbing solutions they need to live and work comfortably in any space. Having $25 million in contract exposure is simply a testament to the large amount of trust that our clients have placed in the Blue Works Company team, and in return we always strive to give them our very best.”

Blue Works Company is a Certified Florida Master Plumber as well as a Certified General Contractor (Tower & Specialty). Every member of their team is insured and bondable with proven experience writing DOD Contractor Specifications. At clients can get a glimpse of the projects Blue Works has completed over the last few years that have led them to their $25 million milestone.

As Schultz goes on to say, “Our team follows a proven process of data collection, analysis, work-flow scheduling, communication guidelines, and quality assurance inspection. Every project is given a thorough review for long-term and cost savings solutions based on the current and past challenges of the plumbing system. This, along with investing time and money into new technology and methods, has gotten us where we are today. We are grateful for our current clients and look forward to working with many more over the next 6 years.”

Those who are interested in Blue Works Company’s pipelining and plumbing repair services can visit to learn more.

About Blue Works Company:

Blue Works Company provides pipelining and plumbing repair services for commercial, industrial, government, and residential markets in and around the Clearwater, Florida area. The Blue Works Team has serviced over 250,000 linear feet of piping and has over $30 million in consistent pipe rehabilitation contract exposure. The company has invested time and money into various technologies and applications for plumbing restoration and seeks to continually improve their methods and expand their capacity to provide the best service in the business.


The Reason Why Wireless Security Alarm Systems are More Valuable Than Your Investment

In the process of talking about the security of our premises, this could never be underestimated. Security breaches today have greatly caused so much damage for both homes and offices and is seen to be the reason why this is a big problem that should never be compromised. One seen to be the safest way to which an individual will be able to get an assurance when it comes to safety for their property and also with the people that are inside the premises is by having to consider installing driveway security alarms. Such alarm type is found to be very useful as this could actually detect both people and vehicles. Also, this is seen to be useful as well when it comes to determine different types of metals that could potentially cause harm. The cost of installing this kind of device is found to be lower compared to the services which consumers get.

The wireless driveway alarm systems are found to be some of the most popular type of security devices to which you could find in the market today. This in fact is seen to be useful for both offices and homes. This in fact will actually help to give guarantees on the security of the people that are inside the building and with any property that is within the area. A wireless system comes with three components. These are the receiver, sensor and also the transmitter.

Sensors are small devices which are mostly hidden from sight and that this is also placed mostly at the entrance. This in fact is the thing that will sense the movement of people and vehicles as well that are present on the premises. The receiver on the other hand will receive the signal for it to be able to alert the owner of the premises. The transmitter is actually a device that will relay the signal which is going to alert the owner.

A wireless alarm device is able to offer different kinds of advantages that a consumer is definitely going to enjoy. For any starter, this is one that will greatly benefit them as it is easy to install due to the fact that there’s no wires involved to it. Another advantage is to where it comes with a reasonable price. This also will be able to cover large distances when there’s no obstacles.

The biggest advantage to which this system could actually offer is the fact that it is really reliable. This in fact is due to the fact that there are batteries that are present inside of it which could in fact last long and is able to keep working for a couple of months.

A vital thing that any consumer should try to take note is on the importance of having to know about the transmission distance, their needs and their surroundings. By doing this, it actually helps consumers in knowing getting more assurance that the security alarm system will be working perfectly fine.


Where to Look for the Most Effective Products and Services for Your Home

You’re going to find that it can sometimes be tough to own a house because of the kinds of work that has to go into maintaining it. There are always going to be new projects that will seem to come down the pipeline, and property owners of any kind will have to be sure that they’ve done whatever they can to make sure that they’re on top of things. You’re going to need to either decide to work on these types of things yourself or get other people to handle the work.

It’s quite common for people who own any kind of property to have a lot of unique needs when it comes to the services or products they use. You’ll have to make sure that you’re well stocked for all of the different kinds of repairs, cleaning projects, and other tasks that you’ll be doing regularly. Many people who have just moved into a new neighborhood or are trying to find something particularly unique may have a few questions related to how to actually find the products or services you need. You can use the information in the following article to assist you in understanding just where to look when you need great products.

When it comes to buying products for the home, there is no question that a good hardware store is going to the ideal place to begin the search. No matter what it is that you’re trying to buy, your neighborhood hardware store is going to be quite likely to carry it. Whether you’re in the market for a wide range of power tools, cleaning supplies, or anything else that can help make your home much better, there is no doubt that you’ll find what you need at your hardware store. You shouldn’t have any concerns that the local hardware store will be able to set you up with all of the best products at the lowest prices.

It can sometimes seem a little bit harder to determine how to find the right sorts of home services that you need. While you may be looking for things as diverse as repair companies, cleaning services, or gardeners, the thing you’ll be most interested in finding is someone you can trust to do a good job and leave your home in great shape. You’re usually going to get the best results for service providers by getting online and seeing what your options are.

When you’re in the market for some fantastic services or products for your home, there is no doubt that you should be able to find what you need after just a bit of research. Since you’re going to be dealing with so many challenges as a result of owning any property, there’s not much sense in struggling to also find great products.